Pre Wedding Photography and Engagement  Shoot

Engagement Shoot and Pre Wedding PhotographyYour Pre-Wedding Photography Photo Session 

For many people, the thought of standing in front of the camera is not something they may be particularly looking forward to. This is one of the reasons that I offer you a Pre Wedding Photography session. We get together at a great location and spend time taking some really cool photographs.

The benefits of having a session like this include

  1. You get used to being photographed by me so that you will feel more comfortable on your wedding day.
  2. As we get to know one another better you will feel more relaxed, resulting in even greater photographs
  3. We get to try various styles of photography and get really creative to see which you like best ready for your wedding day
  4. You will receive a wonderful collection of photographs of you both.
  5. Plus… you’ll actually have great fun on the shoot, you have my word.

Usually £295, this session is currently available for only £125

For further information or to book your Pre-Wedding / Engagement Portrait session call or text me on 07961 100 580 or email me via the Contact Page

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